The Fund

INC3 Ventures, LLC is a Venture Capital investment fund, based in Silicon Valley, with focus on investing in high growth Internet, Networking, Communication, Computer and Consumer electronics (INC3) sectors with investment emphasis on seed and early stage start-up companies.


The fund seeks investment opportunities in Silicon Valley and India based companies that are focused on addressing US, India or US-India markets. The fund’s managing partners, advisors and investors possess extensive and diverse industry experience as well as successful investment track record as active investors. The fund managers will work closely with portfolio companies, during early stage, to enhance the business success and to provide better returns to share holders.

The Fund has a preference for investing in start-ups that has or expected to have US-India cross border operations. The Fund's direct investment amount ranges from $250K to $1M depending upon the investment scenario of leading the financing round or co-investing with other VC Funds.


INC3 Investment Sectors Focus


Internet:                 New Paradigms/Applications for Consumers, etc.

Networking:            Connectivity Hardware and Software Solutions, etc.

Computer:               Desktop, Laptop, PDA, Appliances, etc.

Communication:    Cell phone, Wireless, VOIP, IPTV, VOD, etc.

Consumer:               Appliances, Digital TV, Camera, Music, Media Adapters, etc. ab    


Our vision is to leverage our broad based experience to invest in Internet, Hardware and Software technology companies in the above sectors where there is an ongoing convergence taking place at a national and global scale.